Friday, May 13, 2011

The Index

This is the index of all of the blogs used for training and instruction. Start here to find the resource you've been searching for.

A Simulated Life - Simulations to challenge your students. Don't miss the educational opportunity to use these sims to enhance your instruction.

The Games People Play - Games for the mind. Challenging your senses and abilities. Try them with your students.

I'll Give You Something To Think About... - Visit this blog to get your fix of intellectual stimulation to keep those creative juices flowing.

The Technology Infusion Connection - Are you planning a lesson and want to infuse technology, but you're not sure about the process? Check out the Infusion Connection to learn the process and make you're lesson s the best they can be.

To Use Technology, or Not To Use Technology? - when should technology be used? Should it be included instruction because it can?

The Floating Opera- the musings of an infusion specialist up until 2008

The Floating Opera 2 - Back after a hiatus of a couple of years.

More Than Peas In A Pod
If learning the dubious art of podcasting is what you're after, then this blog is for you.

Technology Workshop
Professional development is an essential part of technology training. However the question of, "How should instruction be done?" is another issue. Trying to explain all of the integral steps in software applications is a practice in futility. There is just too much to try to absorb.

The Project Place
Project based learning is a way of life and that's the way teaching should be done.

The Free Zone
A list of free software that you can't live without in the classroom.

I Beg To Differ With You....
A blog devoted to instructing teachers on the fundamentals of differentiating instruction in the classroom using technology.

Dave Moursund's Website to Help Improve Education

Dr. Moursund has authored or co-authored more than 50 books and numerous articles on information technology in education. You'll find many of his books FREE on this site. The good Dr. has promoted higher order thinking skills through project based learning
using technology. Take advantage of his expertise and resources.He has been the major professor and/or served on the dissertation committees of about 75 doctoral students in the field of computers in education.
In 1979, Dr. Moursund founded the International Council for Computers in Education (ICCE). ICCE became the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) in 1989 when it merged with the International Association for Computing in Education. Dr. Moursund is known as the Founder of the International Society for Technology in Education. Dr. Moursund was the Executive Officer of ISTE from 1989 to 1998. He served as ISTE's Executive Officer for Research and Development from June 1998 to the end of March 2001.

Maryland Standards-The Maryland Way
The Maryland State Department of Education has developed standards for technology use by a members of the teaching community. Links to the standards, discussion of their implementation and impact on instruction is the purpose of this blog.

Training Day
Using the Interwrite Pad and Turning Point. A Training site for teachers to experience resources and advice on using two classroom staples.

Just Moodling Around
MOODLE has become our county's LMS (Learning Management System). Training protocols will be developed on this site.

The Interactive Blog
Talk about a wealth of resources, this blog has been used for some exceptional trainings. There is much here for the Science and Math teachers.

Probing the Matter is dedicated to the understanding of matter using Vernier probes, this blog will be a student guide and resource for the investigation of classroom problems in physical and biological science.

The Rosetta Stone
The use of technology in World Language instruction is essential to student learning. Here are resources and suggestions to help you improve your daily delivery of content.

The Dorchester County Public Schools are committed to promoting the STEM philosophy of instruction. This blog is a repository of resources and ideas to stimulate program development for process teaching in science, technology, engineering and math.

Here's How It's Done
Math ( Pre-algebra) in a practice blog.

The Biology Utility Course

With evolution as the core of biology this course will present the current thinking on living systems, their chemical and physical origins, cellular structure and function, metabolic interactions, genetic operations, and environmental relationships. A laboratory component demonstrates and supports the subject matter. The daily classroom integrates Internet technology to advance a more global perspective on the living world.

The Utilility Space
The Utilility Space is just what it says. A work in progress blog. Things will be posted here of a practical nature for teachers.

The Train Station
Pull in here to be "trained." What do you need to know to make a quality presentation? This and more are at the Train Station for you. All aboard!